The Kent School – 1 Macedonia Road, Kent, CT

New racquet/squash court facility.

Total Floor Area:  11,317 SF
Total Construction Cost: $2,302,491

Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield – 41 Governers Street, Ridgefield, CT

Additions and renovations of an existing building.

Danbury Sports Inc. -17-27 Starr Road, Danbury, CT

Complete renovation of beaver brook tennis center to accommodate a fitness center and indoor gymnasium

Total Floor Area:  48,800 SF
Total Construction Cost: $1,532,375

The Picture House – 175 Wolfs Lane, Pelham, NY

Interior alterations of historic 1921 Pelham Picture House

Total Floor Area:  6,517 SF
Total Construction Cost: $789,333

Greenwich Skating Club – 15 Cardinal Road, Greenwich, CT

1 Pine Grove, South Sterling, PA

Construction of a new bathhouse for boys and girls and 6 new Yurt structures along with related deck platforms, stonewalls and other miscellaneous site improvements to expand an existing seasonal camp.

Total Floor Area:  4,242 SF
Total Construction Cost: $2,326,626

Delfino Park Tennis Facility – 53 Lake Street , White Plains, NY

Proposed upgrades to existing 3 Dome Tennis Complex including related site improvements. Two (2) air inflated structure plus eight (8) Tennis Courts & Paddle Board Courts.

Total Floor Area:  56,785 SF
Total Construction Cost: $1,378,000

Hardscrabble Tennis Center, Field Lane, Brewster, NY

New Tennis Facility with Related Site Improvements.

Total Construction Cost: $3,492,313

Regional YMCA of Brookfield – 2 & 10 Huckleberry Hill Road, Brookfield, CT

New Pre-Engineered single-story Aquatic Building connecting to a new Air-Supported Membrane Structure will be constructed to enclose the existing outdoor swimming pool.

Total Floor Area:  10,555 SF
Total Construction Cost: $1,890,792

New Canaan YMCA – 564 South Avenue, New Canaan, CT

Additions & Alterations of an existing YMCA Facility to include the renovation of an existing indoor pool area as well as other areas. A new addition will be constructed to house two (2) new swimming pools and related mechanical equipment. Other improvements will include expanding the existing parking area, new site utilities, playground, etc.

Total Floor Area:  38,801 SF
Total Construction Cost: $15,747,788

Danbury Sports Dome – 2 Shelter Rock Lane, Danbury, CT

New large air-inflated sports dome containing four (4) fields, perimeter track, reception counter, Pro-shop, administrative offices, party rooms and public bathrooms.

Total Floor Area:  53,600 SF
Total Construction Cost: $5,116,487

Brewster Sports Center – Lots 5, 6 & 7 Sutton Park, Town of Southeast, NY

Proposed Sports Facility w/ Indoor Basketball, Soccer & Outdoor Play Field.

Total Floor Area:  53,600 SF
Total Construction Cost: $5,116,487

Anita Louise Ehrman Recreation Center – Pool Complex – Greenway Road, Armonk, NY

Demolition of an existing outdoor swimming pool in order to construct a complete new outdoor swimming pool structure as well as a separate kiddie pool. Two (2) new filter rooms, an elevated outdoor dining, an outdoor area for table games. New sewage/septic work is proposed. Other site improvements will include complete new concrete pool deck/terrace area, site lighting, landscaping, storm drainage, utility upgrades, etc.

Total Construction Cost: $2,635,746