3 W. Stevens Avenue, Valhalla, NY

Construction of New Office / Warehouse Building.

Total Floor Area: 6,089 SF
Total Construction Cost: $960,000

Danbury Self Storage, 20-22 Old Ridgebury Road, Danbury, CT

New climate controlled self-storage facility.

Total Floor Area: 65,332 SF
Total Construction Cost: $3,708,481

Tarrytown Self Storage, 160 Wildey Street, Tarrytown, NY

New Third Floor addition to an existing 2-story Warehouse Building to create a new Self Storage Facility on all three (3) floor levels.

Total Floor Area: 49,820 SF
Total Construction Cost: $3,186,064

1390 Spofford Avenue, Bronx, NY

Renovation and Small Addition to an Existing Industrial Warehouse Building.

Total Floor Area: 38,800 SF
Total Construction Cost: $3,755,000

89 Day Street, Norwalk, CT

Interior & Exterior Alterations along with minor site improvements for an existing Single-StoryOffice & Warehouse Building.

Total Floor Area: 4,127 SF
Total Construction Cost: $522,175

Excess Baggage, 896 & 897 Route 82, Hopewell Junction, NY

Two Single-Story Pre-engineered Rigid Frame Metal Buildings totaling for Boat & RV Storage with Related Site Improvements.

Total Floor Area: 25,200 SF
Total Construction Cost: $718,243

Clancy Self Storage, 133 Route 22, Pawling, NY

A proposed conversion of an Existing Furniture Warehouse and Showroom Building to a new Self-Storage Facility with additional space in Lower Level for private use by Moving & Storage Company plus freestanding storage building for automobiles. Related Site Improvements are also proposed.

Total Floor Area: 24,541 SF
Total Construction Cost: $1,728,660

Westy Self-Storage Center, 95 Hudson Avenue, Norwood, NJ

Conversion of an existing building into a 3-story Self-Storage Facility.

Total Floor Area: 96,570 SF

J&N Leasing & Building Materials Corporation – Day Road, Carmel, NY

Single story pre-engineered, metal industrial warehouse building with ancillary office spaces including on-site and off-site improvements.

Total Floor Area: 10,000 SF
Total Construction Cost: $789,949

89 Edison Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY

Inspection of property to confirm completion of flood damage repairs.

50 Corporate Drive, Trumbull, CT, Trumbull, CT

New industrial building with related site improvements for Cooper Surgical (new single-story office & warehouse building)

Total Floor Area: 80,580 SF
Total Construction Cost: $8,750,500

979 Brook Avenue, Bronx, NY

Renovation of 4 existing attached buildings ranging from 1-story to 5-stories for a new self-storage facility

Total Floor Area: 83,953 SF
Total Construction Cost: $4,754,809

3321 Delavall Avenue, Bronx, NY

Demolition of an existing building and construction of a new warehouse facility.

Total Construction Cost: $500,000

241 Bleakley Avenue, Buchanan, NY

Proposed 5000 SF build out of existing unfurnished second floor space for new offices.

Total Floor Area: 5,000 SF
Total Construction Cost: $584,000

Hilltop Business Park -Bill Horton Way, Wappingers Falls, NY

5000 SF pre-engineered steel building with 1500 SF interior fit-up and 1500 SF mezzanine.

Total Floor Area: 5,000 SF
Total Construction Cost: $506,250

Lot 9 Turnberry Lane, Newtown, CT

A proposed new commercial pre-engineered metal building with 5 individual tenant spaces and related site improvements/parking

Total Floor Area: 24,175 SF
Total Construction Cost: $1,061,670

1120 E. Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY

Repair and restoration of existing warehouse building, which was damaged by fire, which occurred on 6/16/10.

Total Floor Area: 58,107 SF
Total Construction Cost: $438,147

800 Taylor Street, Durham, NC

Renovation & additions to a large existing warehouse / power plant building consisting of three (3) separate building areas (i.e., Building 8 – The Mill Building, Building 9A – The Warehouse. Building & Building 9B – The Power Plant Building. The scope of work will also include all new site improvements including site utilities, which will be constructed in two (2) separate phases. Total Building Floor Area will be approximately 179,763 SF

Total Floor Area: 94,479 SF
Total Construction Cost: $17,690,970

2466 & 2500 Waterbury Avenue, Bronx, NY

A New single story 18,694 SF warehouse building which includes small mezzanine office areas. The building is arranged to accommodate 2 different tenants. Related Site improvements are also proposed

Total Floor Area: 18,694 SF
Total Construction Cost: $2,250,000

Brewster Plastics, Inc. – 60 Jon Barrett Road, Patterson, NY

A New single story addition, with mezzanine areas to an existing factory/storage building with ancillary offices, including related site improvements.

Total Floor Area: 33,717 SF
Total Construction Cost: $4,122,429

Day Road, Carmel, NY

A new 6,000 SF Single-Story, Pre-Engineered Metal Building for a Contractor’s Industrial/Warehouse building, including related site improvements.

Total Floor Area: 6,000 SF
Total Construction Cost: $645,200

32 Leone Drive, Chester, NY

Proposed interior alterations to an approx. 93,114 SF of a large existing 286,050 SF warehouse building for new food production and baking facility.

Total Floor Area: 93,114 SF
Total Construction Cost: $3,718,689

21 Hamden Park Ext., Camden, CT

Construction of a new steel warehouse building, approx. 20,000 SF and related site improvements.

Total Floor Area: 20,000 SF
Total Construction Cost: $1,160,338

Harley-Davidson – 24 Finance Drive, Danbury, CT

Existing vacant 1-story office / warehouse building previously occupied by Yankee Energy

Excess Baggage, LLC – 896 & 904 Route 82, Hopewell Junction, NY

Two (2) 12,600 SF single-story pre-engineered rigid frame metal buildings totaling 25,200 SF for boat & RV storage with related site improvements.

Total Floor Area: 25,200 SF
Total Construction Cost: $840,000